The Vault at Bighorn

Get Your Motor Running

How do you create the most sophisticated car museum in the world? You elect BIGHORN Member Jay Westman as passionate Chairman, add experienced-with-luxurious-environments Vice President of Development Carl Cardinalli, and assemble a sky’s-the-limit dream team of Kristi Hanson Architects, Orr Construction, Blackbird Interiors, Jaeger Metal Fab & Concept, and Spectrum Designs – then let the games begin! This dynamic group has been facilitating a racy architectural design and setting their visionary plans in strategic motion for three years to unveil this monumental project. Now The Vault at BIGHORN is green-light ready to become any car aficionado’s ultimate home away from home.

Inspired by the sleek design of European’s finest cars, vintage Americana models, and one-of-a-kind automobiles from around the globe, the talented minds behind The Vault have created a state-of-the-art car museum and interactive play station for the luckiest of BIGHORN’s Vault Members.

“As you drive up to The Vault, the most dramatic feature is the handcrafted vault-style doors designed by Curt Jaeger,” shares Westman. “The intricate details in these doors are mesmerizing, but then you see them retreat back to reveal the most stunning car collection ever assembled in one location! Your jaw will literally drop and the first ‘Wow!’ will escape. You simply can’t help it,” he says. In other words, the team is confident that the Vault is set to present every Member with the ride of their lives.

The Vault’s extraordinary showplace of an interior can house up to 50 of the world’s greatest automobiles and four sleek, road-machine motorcycles. “The 24,000 sf Vault is designed to look like a large desert contemporary residence,” describes Hanson. Polished grey concrete floors house the owners’ premier parking spaces. Black lacquer roll-up storage doors hold each car’s favorite waxes and polishes, while gallery-style niches above invite a favorite collectible or piece of art. (Most are expected to display personal “Best in Show” trophies.) Vaulted ceilings feature some of the most impressive car manufactures in the world, prominently illuminated above. 

The Vault is a high-tech, climate-controlled facility where security is paramount and cutting edge technology is a given—from fingerprint scanners and 360-degree HD cameras to 4K ultra high-definition televisions. “Visualize yourself driving into the entrance. Only once the head lamp tag on your exotic car is read does The Vault entry door begin to swing open,” describes Westman. “As you enter this exclusive facility, each car will be captured by Starlight and 360-degree HD cameras, which provide 24/7 surveillance. After parking your car, you’ll walk to the entry doors of the Redline Lounge where, upon an approved fingerprint scan, you’ll gain access to the most exclusive lounge at BIGHORN to watch your favorite sports team on eight 4K ultra high-definition televisions.” Of course, you could always relax in supreme comfort while sipping your favorite beverage and listening to ambient music, or you could stroll to the outside deck to enjoy a hard-to-come-by cigar and endless views over the Coachella Valley. The creators also expect the “viewing deck” adjacent to the garage to be a popular place to talk cars and exchange high-horsepower memories among fellow Members.

“Yet the Vault Members’ distinctive cars are the true eye candy of The Vault,” saysWestman. “These are our favorite trophies, all located in one highly technological facility, where Vault Members can view them all from the Redline Lounge and reminisce over some of their favorite stories about their favorite cars. Our most exciting new addition is the Virtual Race Simulator where you can virtually race every brand of car on any track in the world! I’m anticipating many friendly competitions among Vault Members as we test our driving skills against each other,” says Westman, who confesses that his own adrenaline shot through the roof when he took it for a test drive. “That is the focus of The Vault– to provide you and your guests with unique, eye-popping, proud-moment experiences in every detail of the facility. And, boy, with all that is planned and in process, you will not be disappointed.”

Ready to start your virtual engines? The Virtual Race Simulator will host the VirtualGT’s “VGT Carbon.” The Pro Cockpit features a custom-designed Momoracing wheel with integrated fingertip controls, a quick release, and shifting paddles connected to a powerful force feedback steering system. An LED shift light indicator positioned at the top of the dash just below the driver’s field of vision provides MPH/KPH speed, RPM, gear, and lap times all on its digital display. With well over 500 VirtualGT racing simulators deployed worldwide, VGT is motorsports’ most popular racing simulator and the only personal simulator taken seriously by racing professionals.

Even before stepping inside the Redline Lounge, its turbocharged entrance sets the stage for the premier car-and-driver experience! Through glass doors awaits a handcrafted McLaren grill, fully showcasing the artistry of this fine automobile in up close and personal detail. Spectrum Design created this sculpture to be an absolute showstopper. “It’s going to provide a real sense of arrival,” describes Cardinalli, “giving you just a taste of the adventure that is in store up those stairs.” 

A custom black carpet hosting some of the most prestigious car brands in the world adorns the high-gleam tiled floor. Then along the staircase, an elite assortment of beefy, high-performance tires inspires you to make a hot lap up to the lounge. 

“You will be awe-inspired as you take in the Redline Lounge’s stunning bar,” describes Blackbird. Rich red burl wood wraps around the bar’s torso as etched glass car logos flank the ceiling topper and are illuminated from behind giving off a soft glow. Eight handcrafted leather bar stools offer luxe bar seating, while two groupings of four swivel chairs with stylish cocktail tables create conversational ambiance. The Redline Lounge is elevated 36” above The Vault floor allowing guests and Members prime viewing opportunities. 

Within the 2500 sf Redline Lounge, two custom curved sofas provide double-sided seating options around an expertly crafted speedometer coffee table, another handcrafted masterpiece by Spectrum Designs. Additional custom red benches sidle up to sculptural yin-yang tables. Shining above, chrome accents and bolts complemented a ceiling made of black lacquered slats. Ceilings have never been so lucky!

Throughout the entire lounge, 24” x 24” metallic groove tiles finish the floor and add glitz and glam to this thematic space designed specifically for those who appreciate all eras and aspects of automotive finery.