What you can expect

What you can expect as an associate of BIGHORN Golf Club:

The Ten Ideals of a BIGHORN Employee:

  1. We anticipate the needs of members, guests and employees.
  2. We smile and greet members, using their name whenever possible.
  3.  We are empowered to resolve problems immediately and completely.
  4. We use appropriate vocabulary when speaking with members and guests. We use positive eye contact and body language.
  5. We dress and groom conservatively, for a clean and neat appearance.
  6. We do not comment negatively; instead we focus on the positives, promoting BIGHORN products, services and activities whenever possible.
  7. We are committed to excellence and impeccable service.
  8. We recognize the importance of relationships with, and among, our members. We strive to understand our members’ preferences and provide them in a caring and considerate manner.
  9. We are committed to continuous improvement of the employees and services of BIGHORN.
  10. We, the staff of BIGHORN are special, we’re proud to be here, and I was carefully selected to join the team. Each one of us is needed to contribute to the service and image provided for our members, our guests, and fellow employees, and our community.