No Tee Times Equals Way More Fun!

An Individual Golf Membership is equity, non-voting, non-transferable, entitling the Member to unlimited golfing privileges. Both Member and spouse, or significant other, have full enjoyment of all non-golf Club Facilities. Membership in BIGHORN is only available to BIGHORN property owners.

Initiation Fee: $250,000
Annual Dues: $30,800
Annual Trail Fee: $1,000

Guest Fees & Playing Privileges
Family Guest: $75
Accompanied Guest Fee: $175

Spouse/Significant Other:
A Member’s spouse or significant other may play as many as 6 times per month accompanied by a Golf Member. Two of these times may be unaccompanied.

Unmarried Dependent Children:
The Family Guest Fee is afforded to unmarried, dependent, children under 35 years of age. A family Member is considered to be a guest.

Accompanied Guests:
Members may invite unlimited accompanied guest per season. However, each guest may play no more that 8 times per season. The season is defined as the period between November 1 and May 31, with the balance of the year considered off-season.

The aspects of Membership described above are for informational purposes only. Actual rights, privileges and obligations are set forth, in detail, in the Club’s Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations and should be referred to at the time of making application for candidacy for Membership. The Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations may be amended from time to time.

Golf Membership