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Membership in BIGHORN is only available to BIGHORN property owners. A Dual Golf Membership is equity, non-voting and nontransferable, entitling the Member and spouse, or significant other, to unlimited golfing privileges and full use of Club Facilities.

Initiation Fee: $350,000
Annual Dues: $35,500
Annual Trail Fee: $1,000

Guest Fees & Playing Privileges:
Family Guest: $75
Accompanied Guest Fee $175

Unmarried Dependent Children:
The Family Guest Fee is afforded to unmarried, dependent, children under 35 years of age. A family Member is considered to be a guest.

Accompanied Guests:
Members may have unlimited accompanied guests per season. However, each guest may play no more than 8 times per season. The season is defined as the period between November 1 and May 31, with the balance of the year considered off-season.

The aspects of Membership described above are for informational purpose only. Actual rights, privileges and obligations are set forth, in detail, in the Club’s Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and should be referred to at the time of making application for candidacy for Membership. The Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations may be amended from time to time without notice.

Dual Membership