Skin Renewing Body Treatments

BIGHORN’s Spa & Wellness Center features a variety of relaxing and vigorous massage therapies. In-home massages are also available. Call (760) 610-8412 for an appointment.

Rediscover your skin’s beauty with this wonderfully aromatic exfoliant, rich in grapeseed and fragrant essential oils, Great Salt Lake salts and energizing peppermint leaves. Ginger root, honey and lavender flowers also give you a natural glow that will linger long after the pure pleasure of the treatment experience.

An exceptional exfoliator and mega moisturizer, this scrub is infused with brown sugar, essential oils and the naturally nourishing oils of sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba and wheat germ. This body scrub will smooth, soften and reveal fresher looking skin.

The ultimate in skin healing, this treatment increases skin’s metabolism, drawing impurities, toning and stimulating circulation. The therapist will energize your body by exfoliating the skin’s surface with a salt scrub, followed by placing warmed seaweed all over. The therapist gently envelopes you in a soothing wrap while a scalp massage relaxes your body from head to toe. An oil is applied, mixed with a firming crème.


Quench your skin’s thirst and soothe sun-damaged, dry skin in an oasis of fragrant oils and nourishing Shea Butter. Immerse yourself in an experience as invigorating as a rain shower in summer.

Purification begins with a salt scrub to refresh the skin and encourage lymphatic flow. The body is then enveloped in warm herbal clay to enhance detoxification and increase oxygen to the tissues, leaving the skin firm and toned. While cocooned in your wrap, you will receive a scalp and facial therapy massage on specific pressure points. Clay is then rinsed from the body in a rejuvenating shower and moisturizer is massaged into the body, perfecting the alignment of your energies.

This European-style massage is perfect to combat stress. Light massage movements, kneading and long rhythmic strokes are used to promote improved circulation, soothe muscles and relax the entire body.

Your therapist goes beyond the surface, working layer by layer through the body, soothing specific muscle groups, all the way down to the core. Deep tissue massage can rid the body of scar tissue that grows like a callous on the muscle due to repetitive activities, particularly among athletes.

East Indian and Native American philosophies merge in this spectacular energy treatment. This revolutionary massage technique features smooth, heated stones for deep muscle relaxation. Ideal for severe joint and muscle pain, and soothes the entire body. Warm oil is used for stimulation and stress relief. This deluxe treatment produces a blissful sense of purity, coherence and deep relaxation.

This interactive Thai Massage is based upon kinetic work along ten energy lines, and incorporates physical stretching movements. It is performed in conjunction with a revitalizing massage. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows movement for the stretching done during this treatment.

Reflexology stimulates essential energies, promotes relaxation and encourages beneficial results throughout the entire body. The therapist uses thumb and finger pressure applied to specific reflex points in the feet, which correspond to various areas of the body.

Precious oils are designed to moisturize your skin, giving you an exquisite massage experience. Our highly nutritious oil blend captures the essence of nature’s finest rejuvenating ingredients. We only use cold pressed plant oils due to their very small molecules, allowing for deeper penetration into the skin. This light oil absorbs into the skin, leaving a radiant sheen while feeding your skin the very best nature has to offer.